Tokyo Workshop on Biolinguistics


December 15th, 2013

Sophia University

under joint auspices of SOLIFIC


10:00 – 12:00

Session 1: Reports from the Evolution Team

M. Ike-uchi:On the Emergence of Human FLN and FLB

M. Ueda:On the Linguistic Status of Interjections

M. Hosaka:The Raison d’être of CASE

K. Fujita:Evolutionary Problems of Projection


13:30 – 15:30

Session 2: Reports from the Design Team

M. Zushi: Case and Merge

H. Narita & N. Fukui: On the Notions of Head and Symmetry in Syntax

T. Kato, M. Kuno, H. Narita, M. Zushi & N. Fukui: Generalized Search and the Phase Edge

N. Fukui: Summary / Discussion


16:00 – 18:00

Session 3: Reports from the Development Team

K. Sugisaki: Re-evaluating Neg-initial Sentences and VP-internal Subjects in Child English

H. Ono: Active Structure Predictions and Subcategorization Information

M. Obata: Similarity-Based Interference: Evidence from Quantifiers in Wh-Dependencies

N. Yusa: Language Development in the Brain

ELSJ30 Special Workshops

Two important workshops at the 30th National Conference of the English Linguistic Society of Japan, to be held at Keio University, Mita Campus, Tokyo, Japan.


[ Special Workshop ]

Current and Future Issues in Biolinguistics

Nov. 11th, 2012, 09:30 – 12:15  West Bldg 531

(Chaired by Koji Fujita, Kyoto University)



Lyle Jenkins (Biolinguistics Institute, Cambridge, MA)

“Biolinguistics: Current State and Future Prospects”


Heizo Nakajima (Gakushuin University)

“The Language Design Factors in Syntactic Construction Design”


Masanobu Ueda (Hokkaido University)

“On the Nature of the Naturalistic Approach in Biolinguistics”


Kazuo Okanoya (University of Tokyo)

“Limitations in the Artificial Grammar Learning (AGL) Paradigm

and New Directions in Cognitive Biology of Language”


[ Special Workshop ]

Basic Operations of Syntax

Nov. 11th, 2012, 13:30 – 16:15   West Bldg 531

(Chaired by Naoki Fukui, Sophia University)



Cedric Boeckx (ICREA/University of Barcelona)

“On Merge: Biolinguistic Considerations”


Hiroki Narita (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study)

“Towards No-Tampering Syntax”


Masakazu Kuno (Waseda University)

“Merge and Search”



Takaomi Kato (Tokyo University of Science)

Mihoko Zushi (Kanagawa University)



And an equally important symposium, open to everyone (including non-members of ELSJ)

[ Special Symposium ]

Language, Cognition, and Human Nature: Prospects of Linguistics

Nov. 10th, 2012,  15:15 – 18:00  West Bldg 531

(Chaired by Yukio Otsu, Keio University)



Cedric Boeckx (ICREA/University of Barcelona)

“Not Chomskyan Enough”


William Croft (University of New Mexico)

“Studying Language as a Complex Adaptive System”


Lyle Jenkins (Biolinguistics Institute, Cambridge, MA)

“Emergence and Prospects of Biolinguistics as a Natural Science”



Akira Watanabe (University of Tokyo)

Seizi Iwata (Osaka City University)

Tetsuya Sano (Meiji Gakuin University)


Conference Program



Kyoto Conference on Biolinguistics (KCB)


Kyoto Conference on Biolinguistics

- The Human Language Faculty: Its Design, Development and Evolution -


March 12, Monday, 2012, 10am – 6pm

Shirankaikan Inamori Hall, Kyoto University, Medical School Area

Yoshida Konoe-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan [ access map ]


Special Lectures

Cedric Boeckx (ICREA/University of Barcelona)

Clarifying the Content of the Third Factor in Language Design

Denis Bouchard (University of Quebec at Montreal)

Solving the UG Problem

Naoki Fukui (Sophia University)

Merge and (A)symmetry

Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (University of Arizona)

(in collaboration with Juan Uriagereka and David Medeiros)

Steps towards the Physics of Language

Charles Yang (University of Pennsylvania)*

Toward a Natural History of Language



*Co-sponsored by the 2012 Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics

Admission is free for all. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.

A welcome party is scheduled immediately after the conference (3,000JPY). Please complete your registration for the welcome party by February 29.

The conference program is here.

The pre-registration form is here.


[Lunch Map]


We are very happy that the Kyoto Conference on Biolinguistics, held at Kyoto University on March 12, attracted about 180 people and ended as a huge success. We thank all the speakers and the participants for making KCB such a memorable event together with us. Happy birthday to Biolinguistics in Japan!

Following the KCB, Evolang IX Kyoto was also a big success, with about 350 participants. We are proud that we played a major role in the realization of Evolang IX too.

The lectures at the KCB and the plenary talks at Evolang were videotaped by the Kyoto University OpenCourseWare, and will be available for online free viewing. We will announce it when they are ready, so please be patient!


EVOLANG IX Workshops

Following KCB, EVOLANG IX will be held at Campus Plaza Kyoto on March 13-16, 2012. There will be five workshops on the first day, and two of them will be co-organized by our project and others.


Theoretical Linguistics/Biolinguistics

Lecture Room 1, 5th Floor, Campus Plaza Kyoto

March 13th, 2012, 9.15 – 15.45

Invited Speakers:

Organizers: Roger Martin (Yokohama National University) & Koji Fujita (Kyoto University)

Contact Address:


Language and the Brain

Lecture Room 2, 4th Floor, Campus Plaza Kyoto

March 13th, 2012, 9.15 – 15.40

Invited Speakers:


Organizers: Noriaki Yusa (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University) & Hajime Ono (Kinki University)

Contact Address:


In order to attend these workshops, it is necessary that you register for the main conference of EVOLANG IX.

Please note that the deadline for early rate registration is approaching (Jan. 31 Feb. 10).


The 9th International Conference on the Evolution of Language (EVOLANG IX, Kyoto)


Our project is a major sponsor of EVOLANG IX, to be held in Kyoto on March 13th – 16th , 2012.
We are very pleased and honored that Prof. Noam Chomsky (MIT) and Prof. Cedric Boeckx (ICREA/UAB) have accepted our invitation to give their plenary lectures for EVOLANG IX and also for our own symposium (tentatively called Kyoto Conference on Biolinguistics), scheduled on March 12th , 2012, Kyoto. Details of this symposium will be announced later on this website.


*With many regrets, Prof. Chomsky has to cancel  his plenary lecture at EVOLANG. (Dec. 26, 2011)